Janesville Police Department

JANESVILLE — Janesville police originally went to a home Wednesday to serve a search warrant.

But after learning a child at the home was turning 4 that day, they quickly organized a party.

According to a news release, the Janesville Police Department Detective Bureau, Street Crimes Unit, and an Evidence Tech on Wednesday served a search warrant at a home in Janesville. 

As a result of the search warrant a member of the home was arrested, police say.

But that’s when police learned a child at the home was turning 4 that day. 

The Detective Bureau, which included the police support clerk, pitched in money and returned to the house later that day with a birthday cake, pizza, birthday card and a bike for the 4-year-old. 

The child’s mother asked if it was OK for her to tell her child the police were there to sing happy birthday to him, which they agreed to. 

Several of the detectives then sang happy birthday. 

Little Caesar’s Pizza added additional food, for the family, when they heard what the food was for. 

A detective stopped and bought a card.  While doing so, he was approached by a woman who wanted to thank him for his service.  He explained why he was purchasing the card.  She later called the police department to compliment the incredible act of kindness. 

The next day Chief Moore presented everyone in the bureau with a department challenge coin and said, “I can’t order people to demonstrate such compassion and empathy and this act of kindness comes purely from the heart.”