JANESVILLE — Janesville police on Monday said there could be at least 18 possible victims unknowingly filmed by a Janesville Craig coach now on administrative leave.

Brian Kitzman, 38, who had coached swim and track at Craig, was arrested Friday and faces possible charges of possession of child pornography, violation of privacy and representations depicting nudity.

In a news conference Monday, Janesville Police Chief David Moore and School District of Janesville Superintendent Mark Holzman outlined the response following Kitzman’s arrest.

Moore said that Kitzman told investigators that there could be 18 victims and that the filming had been going on for two years. Currently, Moore doesn’t believe any of the videos were shared online or on social media.

Moore said a student found their towel in a locker with a Craig administrative lock on it and when the school resource officer went to investigate, found a GoPro in the locker.

Moore said that when investigators looked at the video, it showed Kitzman placing the GoPro in the locker. He was arrested at the end of the day as he was boarding a bus for a track meet.

Moore said the victim’s family had been notified and parents of any additional victims will be notified.

Holzman said that over the weekend, police searched other areas of the school for additional recording devices and found none.

Holzman said Kitzman currently on administrative leave as the investigation plays out.

Kitzman appeared in Rock County Circuit Court Monday where a judge imposed a $10,000 cash bond.