Janesville video surveillance

JANESVILLE — Police in the the Kenosha County village of Pleasant Prairie say they are investigating an attempted break-in in their community that is similar to one in Janesville.

In a widely shared social media post, a Janesville writer who owns the house says she was at home early Tuesday afternoon when at first a young woman came to the house, banged on the doors and windows, then left.

A short time later, according to the home owner, two men arrived who went to the back of the house and attempted to pry the door open with a crowbar.

The homeowner says that she eventually made sure the men saw her inside, at which point they ran off.

The home is near Clover Lane on Janesville’s northeast side.

According to the Kenosha News, a similar incident played out in Pleasant Prairie later Tuesday afternoon.

The suspects were described as two heavyset men in their 30s who wore dark-colored clothing, personal protective-type masks and hats.

In the Pleasant Prairie incident, the men were approached by a nearby resident who observed the burglary attempt in progress during the mid-afternoon hours and apparently thwarted the break-in, according to Sgt. Zach Dutter of the Pleasant Prairie Police Department.

Janesville Police currently are working with Pleasant Prairie on the case.

By Dan Plutchak

Dan Plutchak of Janesville is founder of the Janesville News Report