JANESVILLE — Gov. Tony Evers was in Janesville Tuesday to announce his budget request to fund $15 million for the proposed ice arena and convention center at the Uptown Janesville Mall, but the ultimate fate of the request remains uncertain.

(See page 199 of the request)

The budget request for the Janesville facility is part of $3.8 billion in recommended investments in his 2023-25 Capital Budget for the renovation and renewal of the state’s existing infrastructure and to support major projects across the state in 28 counties, according to a news release from the governor’s office. 

The State Building Commission will meet Thurs., March 23, 2023, to vote on the governor’s recommendations.

Following that vote, the State Building Commission’s Capital Budget Recommendations goes on to the Republican-controlled Joint Committee on Finance by the first Tuesday in April. 

Republican leaders have not indicated if the Finance Committee would include the Janesville funding.

The $50 million project proposal relies on about $43 million in public funding, including about $17 million from the city of Janesville, along with $7 million in privately raised funds.

By Dan Plutchak

Dan Plutchak of Janesville is founder of the Janesville News Report